Get Road Trip Ready! Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Summer

One of the most iconic images of summer is the family vehicle packed tightly and ready for a road trip. Almost all of us have memories from our childhood of our family’s summer road trip ventures. Movies, songs and jokes have been made about this tradition. We want to help you avoid having any of those Vacation scenes take root in your own family memories. We’ve put together these vehicle maintenance tips to help you and your family have a carefree road trip this summer.

Kearby Insurance offers tips for getting your vehicle road trip ready this summer.


Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

Get road trip ready! From bumper to bumper, roof to chassis, you want your vehicle checked out, aired up, fluids changed and filled before you hit the road! Your vehicle service department may offer a special package just for getting road trip ready. Ask them. Make sure each of these items gets checked off the list:


Battery - Have your battery tested, making sure it isn’t low. Getting stranded on the road with a dead battery does not make for fun road trip memories.


Brakes - Road trips usually have a destination, but there are always plenty of stops along the way. Make sure your brakes won’t cause you to breeze past stops you intended to make.


Belts - Inspect belts for wear or cracks.


Oil and Fluids - Getting an oil change before you hit the road and having all your fluids checked and filled are two easy ways to help your vehicle run more smoothly and reliably while you’re on the road.


Tires - When the rubber hits the road, you want to make sure there’s a safe amount! Check your tires to help avoid blowouts and flats along your journey. Have your tires rotated if it’s been close to 5,000 since their last rotation.


Lights - No need to meet local law enforcement because of a burnt out signal or headlight. Check all your bulbs so you can be well seen when on the road.


Air Conditioner - Things are heating up! Uncomfortable passengers do not make for happy road trips. Have your system checked for optimal comfort.


Emergency Kit - Have you prepared your emergency kit? Even with having your vehicle serviced, checked and prepared, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle and be sure to include these items:


  • Water

  • Jumper cables

  • Nonperishable food

  • Flares or reflective triangles

  • Coolant

  • Flashlight with extra batteries

  • Rain gear/poncho or large garbage bags

  • First aid kit

  • Motor oil

  • Knife or cutting tool

  • Blankets (Space blankets are a great space saver)


Insurance - Avoid any unforeseen issues both at home and on the road while you’re away. Have a review of your policies done and drive off into the sunset with peace-of-mind.


It’s the perfect time for your road trip. These vehicle maintenance tips for summer will help you make memories that you’ll want to revisit!


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Posted on May 18, 2017 and filed under Tips.