Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind, inside and out, it’s that time of the year! We want all our spaces checked and in good repair. While we get our office in order, we thought we’d help you keep everything neat, tidy and in good working order around your home. Our spring cleaning checklist for your home is a guide to help your home and your family stay safe and avoid home damage that can affect your peace-of-mind.

Kearby Insurance offers a guide to help your home and your family stay safe and avoid home damage that can affect your peace-of-mind.  


Our Indoor & Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Inside Your Home - 

  • Appliances - These should be checked to make sure they’re still working properly, and those that that use water should be checked for any signs of leaking that can ultimately cause damage to your home's walls and floor.

  • Refrigerator and Freezer - Deep cleaning your refrigerator and freezer should include checking for leaks underneath or behind the appliance.

  • Sinks and Disposal - Check around your faucet and underneath for any signs of leaking.

  • Dishwasher - Look for any signs of leaks, loose seals or damage.

  • Toilets - Listen for running water or hissing and check for leaks.

  • Washing Machine - Check for any water underneath or behind your washer.

  • Hot Water Heater - Check your hot water heater’s pressure release valve. If you’re able to see the valve, check it for leaks. If it’s plumbed directly into a drain and you can’t see it, listen for a hissing sound.

  • Change Air Filters - Keep dust and allergens from invading your home by replacing your air filters.

  • Replace Batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke alarms - These important devices need annual battery changes to ensure they will work properly in case of an emergency, keeping your home and family safe.


Outside Your Home -

  • Roof - A damaged and leaking roof can cause a multitude of grief for a homeowner. Check for any signs of leaking or damage and have them repaired promptly.

  • Chimney - Schedule a cleaning with a professional chimney sweep. A buildup in your chimney is a fire hazard and can cause problems for your home and your family. Check the outside of your chimney for any signs of damage.

  • Pest Control - Pests can cause problems to plumbing, wiring and even your family’s health. Have a pest control company ensure you’re pest-free, inside and outside your home.


Your Insurance Policy - Finally, don't forget to check your homeowner's policy and make sure everything you need is up to date.

To check your policy you can always schedule a complimentary call with Kearby Insurance by calling: (530) 674-3430.

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