Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

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Have you been waiting to get signed up for health insurance? Maybe you’ve been waiting because you’re not sure if you can afford it. Or maybe it’s because you don’t know if you really need it. No matter the reason that you have been hesitant, now is the time to sign up if you are thinking of doing so.

It is so important to have health insurance this year because, due to the Affordable Care Act, if you do not have health insurance by April 1st, you will be assessed a fine when you are filing your taxes.

The time to sign up for health insurance is known as open enrollment. Open enrollment runs from October 1st to March 31st of every year. This is the only time that you may sign up for health insurance during the year, unless you have a qualifying life event such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or loss of a job.

If you have previously not had health insurance due to the high cost, than seeing if you qualify for insurance under Covered California should be your first stop.  You may be able to get free or reduced cost health insurance if you buy your insurance in the Covered California marketplace. If you need help signing up contact us today.

Why is it so important to have health coverage? You may be healthy today, but the future is uncertain. Without insurance, a sudden or serious illness, or traumatic event could leave you and your family with staggering medical bills. Medical bills that can’t be paid are one of the top reasons that people file for personal bankruptcy. Having health insurance means having the security of knowing that you and your family aren’t one diagnosis away from financial ruin.

If you need help signing up for Covered California, or would like to explore private health insurance, we would love to help you and walk you through your options. Give us a call today at 1-800-251-0762 or contact us HERE!